2 Ton farm dump trailer

2 Ton farm dump trailer

Landscapers, Farms & Ranches, City Maintenance, Fairgrounds, Golf Courses, Campgrounds, General Contractors.

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2 Ton farm dump trailer
We believe in manufacturing a trailer that can handle normal use, and maybe even a little abuse, and still function as it should. Our experience has taught us the right way to build trailers. We use only high grade materials and constantly monitor the quality of the trailers throughout the manufacturing process. That's why you'll find that a trailer from Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc. will normally outlast and outperform other trailers. You have to use quality raw materials and maintain high manufacturing standards in order to consistently produce quality trailers. That's exactly what we do at Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing, Inc.

Key features Include
  • 6 ft long, 5 ft. wide
  • 10 gauge. floor & sides
  • 2 ft. front, 1 ft. sides, 20" tailgate
  • Self-opening tailgate
  • 16" X 3" hydraulic cylinders
  • 5000lb jack
  • Optional 12 volt pump
  • 1200 X 12 multi trac turf tire
  • Chemical wash, automotive-grade metal treatment and primer, top coat with high quality alkyd. (Test results show that this automotive grade metal treatment and primer to be superior in test to powder coating in chip and corrosion resistance.)
  • Choice of colours: J.D. Green, Int. Red, or Kabota Orange
  • Side height is 40" without board and 52" with board extentions
  • Trailer Weight 700 lbs
  • Capacity 4000 lbs
  • Dump Angle 41 degree
  • Dimensions 5 ft x 6 ft x 2ft
  • Width Outside Box 5 ft 4" wide
    6 ft 8" long + hitch
  • Tires 12 x 12 x 26 - 8 ply
  • Colour Your Choice
  • Headroom Required 92 inches
  • Drop Leg Jack 5000 lb
  • Spindle and hub load rating 5000 lb
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"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness of
Low Price Is Forgotten."

— Benjamin Franklin

Canadian Dealer for AmeriDeck

We focused on creating one of the world's most efficient, durable, toughest, dump trailers in the farming industry.... period.

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